TLDR: I tell your stories. That’s it. That’s all this is.
I am interested in the creators, the dreamers, the makers and the leaders. The survivors, the fighters, and the minders.
I am a writer and filmmaker  – and I want your stories!

but actually…

A vinyl record, camera, photographs and art utensils.
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Ok, I lied. There’s more.

I want to talk about…
“Generation X.”
“Echo Boomers.”

Whatever you call them, there is a generation of people – my generation – that everyone seems to either love or hate.

Some recognise us as the selfish self-absorbed selfie-generation, perennially lost in a mobile phone , that cannot read an analog clock any more (no, seriously – check that out here). We are statistically more likely to be arrested than previous generations were at our age. Old folk love to hate us for being entitled, lazy and narcissistic, and we usually get described as the generation that refuses to grow up.

A man in hat and blue sports jacket - the definition of a hipster.
This is probably who most of us think of when we say “millennial”.

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Others say it was the adults who lost control of the reins, and depict us as unlucky: a generation that has inherited a world bankrupted by the baby boomers. Ours, after all, is the generation whose chances of ever owning a home are slim. Many of us will recognise ourselves in this description of a burn-out generation, and most of us believe we have been saddled with a debt we may never pay off before we die.

The most expensive piece of paper you’ve ever held in your life.

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Whatever side of the argument you fall on, one thing is clear: things have changed.

The adults used to tell themselves stories as a society. Big stories, with big ideas. Stories about LOVE, about CAREER, about FAMILY, about TRUTH.

So what new stories, if any, are we writing for ourselves now that we are “adulting”?

Aerial view of a man typing on a retro typewriter.
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I’m embarking on a journey to get your stories to share and take inspiration from. The artists, the entrepreneurs, the musicians, the politicians, the tradespeople and the service people.

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