Hate Speech Unit Meet Joe Camilleri (Tal-Putri)

Meet one of the most persistent trolls disseminating vicious rumours and lies.

Is Detective Keith Arnaud more loyal to Labour or the law?

Apparently Homicide Inspector Keith Arnaud's father Vince Arnaud rose up the ranks in the police force in the "golden years" barely knowing how to read and write. Sources have told me that his main talent was as a "heavy", doing things like breaking into the Curia to wreak havoc. He was the kind of police …

Keith Arnaud's parents reveal his partisan loyalties

Keith comes from a family who, in spite of everything that we now know, still vehemently and passionately support Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Keith Arnaud will clearly have been steeped in Mintoffian strongman values, and now works under the supervision of Police Commissioner Lorry "the rabbit" Cutajar, who worships the ground Prime Minister Joseph Muscat walks on, and seems to greatly admire the size of Muscat's testicles.