ONE News: Kyle Mifsud

Party media needs to go. It's the most bizarre set up in a professed democracy in the European Union. It has long been used to maintain the bipartisan (and almost sectarian) divide in Malta, and it is toxic.


Of course old crooks cannot stand Daphne’s legacy.

You wouldn't normally pay attention to the muttering, mumbling old drunk in the corner. But when he's a political appointee for MCAST it merits commentary. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando obsessively and relentlessly targets an assassinated journalist. He's still smarting about the trouncing she gave him publicly for being an opportunistic, craven wee cretin. You can refresh …

It’s Time To Protest This Saturday

If you care about the future of your country, your people, your children and grandchildren: you must protest. It's not just Keith Schembri who should resign. Konrad Mizzi and Joseph Muscat should have hung up their dancing shoes and bowed out ages ago too. Chris Cardona and Edward Scicluna too. As Repubblika put it: