But they said there were more than “more than two” masterminds?

Remember? Here's the full article to refresh your memory. Thanks once again to BugM.

There has to be a reason Muscat is protecting them

To foreigners this must be reminiscent of the divide between Gaddafi supporters and rebels, or Syrian rebels and supporters of President Assad. In both cases they often hired third party mercenaries to bolster their ranks, but in Malta they don't really seem to need that. They've got their good all blinked bi-partisan culture to fuel this.

It’s time to go Joe

When all of this became apparent, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat insisted on standing by them. He didn't order resignations, he didn't fire them. We know this because he told us this, while running away from questions like a little bitch. Why not? Could it have anything to do with Egrant?