Why I Do This

Different cultures respond to things differently. In Malaysia, Spain, Iceland people resign for having Panama Accounts and companies in the British Virgin Islands. Not so in Malta. In Ireland, when Veronica Guerin was gunned down in broad daylight, there was uproar from the community. Not so in Malta. No Malta's response was so horrific , and so widespread as to merit description as a kind of cultural sociopathy.

MaltaToday Taking Out Vexatious Libel Suits

The Independent is reporting today that Raphael Vassallo, MaltaToday's answer to Kermit the frog, is suing Manuel Delia for libel "over an article which suggested that Vassallo may have had a hand in the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia". Wait, what? When did that happen?

They have dossiers on you

Keep your eyes peeled, because it sounds like there's a story being concocted about me in an effort to smear Occupy Justice (and indeed any civil society group or activist campaigning for clean governance) that may do the rounds on government media soon.

You are witnessing an old man publicly & loudly losing his mind.

Let's run through this story together: Saviour "call me at 1 am" Balzan publishes a story on Malta's answer to the Daily Mail: MaltaToday. He alleges, essentially, that Ivan Camilleri, a respected investigative journalist with The Times of Malta, is a petty thief who was stealing from his local supermarket and had to be stopped …

Foolin’ No One

The hypocrisy of his position is laughable until you realise it's a reflection of his internal struggle. He's projecting his own personal strife onto others. He accuses everyone else of the partisanship, self-interest and dishonesty that governs his own nature. But more significantly, as a man perpetually scared of the truth he is forever on the offensive against anyone who actively and truly pursues it. In other words: real journalists.

The Stories We Tell: A Chat With Dakota Irish

"I think sometimes people forget that the way we connect with others is through shared interests. But we tend not to get nuanced with those interests. If we spent as much time trying to find ways to connect with each other as much as we try to find ways to distance ourselves from others, I think we'd be in a better place." - Luke, Dakota Irish