Malta’s Own Chernobyl

Similarly the Soviet state of Malta is struggling to cover up the melt down of its democratic institutions and rule of law. Malta's government issues its state propaganda but, as with Russia, no one in the Western world believes it. The noise emitting from Joseph Muscat's administration is precisely that ... noise. The incredulity was highlighted in Pieter Omzigt's PACE report on the state capture of its institutions, and Irish Sinn Fein Senator Paul Gavan had to stand up and say to Malta "when you're in a hole, stop digging".

A Handy Guide To The Useless Arguments Used By Government Apologists

Here are the main arguments used to avoid addressing this fundamental question, employed by trolls, the government, and certain media wings. They often overlap, and usually it's a combination of all of them. Know that when you're talking to someone employing these arguments you're not dealing with an intellectually honest opponent.

UPDATE on the campaign to discredit me

So my sources were correct, there is a smear campaign being conducted against me, although it hasn't made it into the media, relegated instead to furtive messages on Twitter and Facebook. Perhaps because I pre-empted it in an earlier post? But more likely because none of the accusations actually stand up to scrutiny.

The three types of people in Malta

The end result, however, has been to merely postpone the scrutiny not diminish it. And Muscat is aware of this too. That's why he's panicking. That's why, as Murdock points out "this Prime Minister has begun to resemble a frightened man whose public bark is hiding an increasingly toothless bite".