Club Gardenia has a New Pope

"You don’t have to be an aspiring careerist like myself to benefit from art." I’m sat with singer-songwriter David Boland aka New Pope at Jungle Cafe. He’s sporting gym gear and sunglasses but rolls a cigarette to accompany his coffee.   Besides being a respected local musician, Boland is also founder of cultural movement An Ait …

ED DINGLI: A Lifestory.

Artist, Designer, Activist - I sit down to chat to Ed about his par in, Malta, Art, activism and the future (among many other things). Featured image by Serafima Serafimova.

Over 100 Likes! Thank you!


A mere week after launching we've already surpassed the 100 mark - THANK YOU to every one joining the journey! Ya gots me feeling like... "But what is the journey?" I hear some of you ask Glad you asked! But WAIT! There's more! We live in a very different world to the one our …