Hate Speech Unit Meet Joe Camilleri (Tal-Putri)

Some of you may have encountered Joe Camilleri (Tal-Putri) before. He’s the nasty troll forever haranguing the Caruana Galizia family and all government critics.

Currently he’s doing the round urgently pushing the crazy laptop narrative in every Labour group he can:

I now know, once again thanks to the incredible BugM on Twitter, that Joe Camilleri really is… Joe Camilleri. The loony tune here:

As BugM explained to me: Joe used to be a councillor with Siggiewi and is somehow involved with Ferdinand Bar, they had the same mobile / contact at a point. I believe his father Cikku used to own it.

It’s also the same bar where Minister Chris Cardona used to meet and drink with Daphne’s assassins both before and after her murder.

He even has a track record of being sued for defamation / harassment with posters. Here’s a link to his record.

Back then they were printouts, now it’s digital posters about outspoken critics of the present administration and circulating them on social media and in Labour hate groups. Like Godfrey Leone Ganado and his wife (Godfrey is the subject of a trumped up libel suit by a member of these hate groups Junior Minister Rosianne Cutajar – the irony). Or PN MP Simon Busuttil.

It’s also Joe who accuses every newspaper outlet (bar One News and Maltatoday interestingly) of being fake news.

Here is wee Joey when he was a councillor in Siggiewi alongside none other than the lovely Robert Musumeci. It’s funny, they share more than the Labour party in common. They’re also completely batshit crazy.

Will the new hate speech unit prosecute one of the the most persistent harassers of the Caruana Galizia family?

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