We must remember all those who attacked Daphne and defended corruption

Miriam Dalli’s unctuous, slippery Damascene conversion hasn’t impressed many. And nor should it.

Malta’s enduring problem – as we all know – has been that it is a country where its citizens are divided into, and exist in, two completely different worlds. These worlds have different mythologies, different histories, and different values. There’s the blue world and red world. One News and Net News.

This clearly needs to stop if Malta is to have any real hope for the future.

Part of the reason this ludicrous schizophrenia still manifests in the 21st century is precisely because of the way history has been taught (or not taught) and revised. That’s a whole other post in itself and I won’t get into it right now.

Right now the point I want to get to very quickly is that there are names I want to see recorded in our history and never forgotten. The names of those who were complicit in the dehumanisation, isolation and scape-goating of Daphne Caruana Galizia both before and after her assassination – but who will try, with the passage of time – to distance themselves from it all.

The names of those who defended corruption and galvanised the community against activists, journalists and politicians campaigning for justice – but who will start professing to have had truth and justice as their goals all along.

Of course it goes without saying that the entire Labour cabinet and MEPs are all included by default, so I won’t list them all here).

I’m going to suggest a few now, but perhaps you’d like to add some more?

Names like Saviour Balzan. Daphne Caruana Galizia had to endure harassment, isolation and defamation – spearheaded by bullies like Balzan. Since her assassination it has been his express obsession to malign her legacy, defend the corrupt government, and inflict as much pain as possible on her family.

Let it never be forgotten how Saviour Balzan helped perpetuate the notion that criticism of the government was really the symptom of a vast PN conspiracy. Let it never be forgotten how Balzan, receiver of 1am phone calls from murder suspect and Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, has concocted fake stories in his newsroom to undermine government critics. Let it never be forgotten how Balzan has publicly interviewed corrupt politicians on his channel that he was also receiving money from.

Names like Raphael Vassallo. Wittingly or unwittingly, Raphael contributed to the Malfia culture and of apologies for government corruption, criticism of the EU, and derision of foreign NGOs and journalists.

Martin Scicluna‘s mind-boggling contributions to the national discussion could be laughed off as the ramblings of a delusional old man if they hadn’t been featured in the Times of Malta.

Karl Stagno Navarra – Muscat’s candle-bearer – Karl Stagno Navarra is another toxic, unashamed government propagandist who should be remembered for being in the bunker when the Allies were finally at the door.

Robert Musumeci – everyone knows this rat for his drunken bouts on Twitter. He has relentlessly tried to sow division and agitate partisan sentiment, because he stood to make money so long as the government was in power.

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando – the botoxed and boozed buffoon. Endless ranting against Daphne Caruana Galizia because she exposed him as a crook. He has taken to mercilessly and relentlessly attempting to discredit her in death too – even taking aim at her family and sons.

Tony Zarb – there are no words to describe the nasty thug who has tirelessly dedicated his time to uploading videos galvanising Labour voters against truth and justice.

Glenn Bedingfield – operated a blog during his work hours from his position of power in the OPM to harass Daphne in life and besmirch her in death.

Can you think of any others to be added to the list?

4 Replies to “We must remember all those who attacked Daphne and defended corruption”

  1. The old adage springs to mind: it’s no use pretending you’re not wrong when you are. Ultimately, if sanity prevails then there will need to be some kind of truth and reconciliation investigatory body formed. Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but there is no alternative to a negotiated settlement with a full baring of the truth being a sine qua non of any meaningful result. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

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  2. You also have Michael Falzon, and the more deranged ones: Frank Portelli and Franco Debono. You can easily add John Dalli to that list.

    Lou Bondi should get a mention, like so many lickspittle he said he’d be the first to protest if Joseph Muscat didn’t live up to his word to leave no stone unturned.

    Let’s not forget her so-called friend, Mario Demarco who lapped up sympathy from Keith Schembri when she rightly criticised the tower of hats he was wearing and then went crying on Xtra. I want to include Pierre Portelli here but I don’t recall him vilifying Daphne, he’s certainly proven to be an unreliable ally though.


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