Is Detective Keith Arnaud more loyal to Labour or the law?

Apparently Homicide Inspector Keith Arnaud’s father Vince Arnaud rose up the ranks in the police force in the “golden years” barely knowing how to read and write. Sources have told me that his main talent was as a “heavy”, doing things like breaking into the Curia to wreak havoc.

He was the kind of police officer that used to play “Run Rabbit Run” full blast and “L’Innu tal-Labour”.

His son Keith is the detective responsible for investigating Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination. He has been trusted with following up all leads, examining all evidence, and chasing down all involved.

If you missed what I told you about Keith Arnaud you can read it here, but in essence Arnaud is the inspector who arrested Daphne Caruana Galizia on someone’s orders as she described here:

And Keith’s strong Labour-leaning family are hardly discreet about it:

This naturally begs the question: is Keith more loyal to the law or to his beloved Labour party? Will he oversee an honest investigation that brings all perpetrators to justice?

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