UPDATE on Keith Arnaud

I wrote earlier about Keith Arnaud’s strong Mintoff family background and how his parents worship Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

You can read it again if you like here, or you can simply look at this screenshot and deduce for yourself what’s wrong with Arnaud:

But what I hadn’t also realised was that it was Inspector Arnaud that had arrested Daphne Caruana Galizia in 2013, as she described in her post here.

Arnaud is the man who arrested Daphne for uploading posts on social about Malta’s Great Leader. She was only released once Inspector Arnaud was given a bell by one of his superiors (read: Joseph, Lorry or Keith). I’ll let Daphne relate the story:

And then tonight we learned (after a 7 hour wait) that Yorgen Fenech is not getting his pardon for turning states evidence (because that would validate Fenech’s claims about Keith Schembri) & the police have helped out by suggesting that Keith Schembri is no longer a suspect/person of interest (because they are beholden to Joseph Muscat).

Muscat suggested Europol have been involved at every stage of the investigation – but Europol have complained before about not really being involved much.

Muscat also says he has been advised on the pardon question by his beloved Attorney General and the Police Commissioner who worships Muscat’s testicles.

The entire thing is a stitch up, from Inspector Arnaud, to the Attorney General, to the Chief of Police, and the cabinet.

I include the cabinet because apparently the ENTIRE Labour cabinet voted unanimously in agreement with not issuing a pardon. They are now complicit.

Muscat also says he is not resigning, and keeps insisting institutions work in Malta.

The entire Partit Laburista cabinet is now complicit.


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