Keith Arnaud’s parents reveal his partisan loyalties

So the homicide detective Keith Arnaud, responsible for investigating Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination, has been accused of being Keith Schembri’s lackey by Yorgen Fenech.

Even if this were all the fiction of a desperate man, as BugM highlighted on Twitter (and I strongly recommend you follow him/her) these are Keith’s parents:

Keith comes from a family who, in spite of everything that we now know, still vehemently and passionately support Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

Most of you will have grown up in Malta. And most of you therefore know that you’re raised in a very tight-knit community – to the point, even, of being claustrophobic.

The stranglehold parents often have over their children is a sociological study in itself. Most youth don’t leave home right the way through their University courses (if they make it to University) and many of them don’t escape their parents clutches until they’re married.

Their beliefs are rarely allowed to breathe or develop, they’ve few opportunities to form their own opinions, and to some extent they’re fairly infantilised.

Keith Arnaud will clearly have been steeped in Mintoffian strongman values, and now works under the supervision of Police Commissioner Lorry “the rabbit” Cutajar, who worships the ground Prime Minister Joseph Muscat walks on, and seems to greatly admire the size of Muscat’s testicles.

If we employ occam’s razor here: what is more likely?

  1. That Yorgen Fenech named Keith Schembri as a co-conspirator on a whim?

  2. That the massively corrupt Keith Schembri, who had a vested interest in silencing Daphne Caruana Galizia and enjoys massive support from Joseph Muscat, the cabinet, and the party (and by extension the Police force, the army and the judiciary) is being protected by people like Keith Arnaud who is as partisan as they come?

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