Labour are now doctoring Daphne’s blog posts

The reason Labour voters immediately assume that their critics want power or “il-poter” is because they’re projecting. It’s classic projection. Because we are dealing with a cult that itself worships power above all else. Above policy, above reason, above country, above rhyme.

The dangerous thing too is that you’re dealing with a lot of remarkably stupid power-hungry tribesmen and women. These are people often who are barely literate, certainly wouldn’t read English and can barely speak it (think Mark Camilleri of the National Book Council for example) .

That’s why Labour party spin doctors have started doctoring Daphne’s blog posts and sharing them on social media in order to mobilise them for Sunday’s mass meeting.

It’s Labour’s tried and tested trick. They know they can bank on the credulity and gullibility of their supporters. They know their supporters would never be pushed to look up the post for themselves and read it. If they had, they’d have seen that Daphne literally explains that it is a parody:

Daphne’s famous parody of the Labour trolls who plagued her blog (which you can read here to refresh your memory) is probably the most misrepresented and edited piece of Labour propaganda ever. It strikes right at the Mintoff myth which seems to underpin the whole party’s reason for being – and it is this myth that they are summoning again.

In the interests of retaining power, they are desperate to divide the Maltese people once again into Us vs Them or – to use Mintoff’s words “min mhux maghna, kontra taghna”.

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