KEEP IT PEACEFUL: Some of them want war, but we’ll winthe battle

Joe Tanti, the court jester and goateed satyr, is still around. He was promoted from Septuagenarian DJ and clown to the Office of the Prime Minister, before he was then moved to Gozo ( presumably because his pathetic dad jokes and leering got too much for even the creeps and criminals in Castille) to work for Justyne Caruana.

They still wheel the old git out at rallies though, to get the “poplu” “warmed up” apparently.

Warmed up for what though? Oh yes, that’s right – for the show of force in Fgura on Sunday where plenty of Labour voters will support their beloved criminal leader Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. Here’s his rallying cry:

There’ll be plenty of foghorns, trashy beat music, and Joe Tanti jumping up and down on stage in full Labour paraphernalia, looking for all the world like the sad desperate old man he is.

If the idea of rousing a rabble of apologists for criminals, murderers, thieves and creeps concerns you, rest assured you’re not alone. On Joe’s own call to arms one of his Facebook friends says:

But sure, why would any one be worried? It’s not like they all sound like they’re out for rev…


Brace yourselves people, but don’t engage. Keep it calm. Some of them want war, but they’ve already lost the battle. There’s no point getting yourselves hurt.

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