They’ve betrayed you: what are you going to do about it?

I have three points to make and I’ll try to be brief:

Every single Labour MP has betrayed you.

I’ve never felt comfortable hurling terms like “traitor” about before. It’s the kind of terminology usually flung around by quasi-fascist, pseudo-patriotic, insular morons.

But I can now comfortably say that every single Labour MP has betrayed the Maltese people by unanimously voting in support of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. They’ve thrown you under the bus, plain and simple. They’ve said to you: we’d sooner support a man harbouring thieves who stole from YOU than represent you.

Where are the youth? We need you!

Photo by Megan Mallia – isn’t it brilliant?

As pointed out in a post on Manuel Delia’s blog (read here) – the young people are no where to be seen.

Why is this? Have they all been so infantilised by mummy and daddy, so molly-coddled, so petted, that they think the adults will sort everything out for them?

Do they have no sense of community? Of civic pride? Of being part of something bigger than themselves and their Facebook profile?

Can they not think beyond the immediacy of their next instagram post or Tweet? have they no gumption? Or have they all been raised to be compliant, docile and obedient?

Historically it has always been the young ones, the University students, the young labourers and NGOs who have led the charge for change. We need you! Join us! The movement is growing, this is your future at stake.

Where are the protest songs?

For several years the island has been plagued by proven corruption, the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, and Malta’s embarrassment on the international stage at the hands of its home-grown Mafia.

Where have Malta’s self-styled “rockers” all gone? Could someone wake them up please? Do they not have a musical response to this?

Do they not feel that their art should respond to the zeitgeist? Do they not know that rock was, first and foremost, an expression of rebellion and not an excuse to pose at Rockestra playing other peoples’ music?

Do the Red Electricks and Ira Loscos of the island want to be cultural icons of their time? The Bob Dylans and Joan Baez of our time? Or do they want to be remembered as a slick summer music video, forgotten in a few years?

In Malta, it seems, rock and roll truly is dead.

2 Replies to “They’ve betrayed you: what are you going to do about it?”

    1. It’s depressing when the corruption has even seeped into the cultural actors of society. A classic example of the dearth of leadership and activist movement. Getting organized is imperative.


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