Shit or get off the pot!

Plenty of people are praising Evarist Bartolo and Aaron Farrugia’s Facebook posts today, applauding them as if they’ve taken some courageous step and measure of principle.

It has taken them both three years to make this point, during which the evidence has been undeniable and overwhelming – and during which a journalist was murdered for exposing their colleagues’ crimes – and they make it from Facebook?

Aaron Farrugia talks in broad, unspecific terms about working towards justice and ensuring Malta’s future. Evarist Bartolo talks about pruning the Labour tree to keep it healthy by “removing” or “letting go” two criminals from its fold.

Why is it that civil society needs to keep spelling it out to these people?

JOSEPH MUSCAT, KEITH SCHEMBRI and KONRAD MIZZI need to be ARRESTED, interrogated, and prosecuted for their crimes.

The entire Labour cabinet have revealed themselves to be opportunistic, craven cowards. More concerned with their pride, position and privilege than with principle and integrity.

Which is why they all still expressed confidence in Konrad Mizzi in 2017.

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