Saviour finally has to admit Daphne was right

Saviour Balzan, who previously took his orders from Chief of Staff Keith Schembri at 1am, has realised the tide is turning. The bubble has burst. The little boy in the crowd has pointed out that the Emperor is indeed naked, and everyone’s finally beginning to see it.

Except it wasn’t a little boy was it Saviour? It was Daphne Caruana Galizia. The brilliant investigative journalist and one woman wikileaks you were so desperately jealous of because you could never hope to be half of what she was.

Because she never sold out to big money or political interest to keep her work going. She wasn’t desperate for her spot on the national broadcaster. She didn’t have so fragile an ego that she had to weasel her way in with the bullies to achieve something like power or privilege.

She wasn’t so insecure and spineless that she had to sell her integrity and dignity for a spot at the table with criminals.

And she didn’t need to dehumanise someone from a position of power the way you did. Knowing you had the full support of the Labour party and the money you received from the government you set about labelling her a “witch” and inventing stories about her that you knew would take root amongst many whoever read her blog because they had already been taught to hate her by the propaganda machine you formed part of.

She was light years ahead of you and you couldn’t stand it, because you’re a small talentless man crippled by self-doubt that you’ve learned to drown in self-delusion and megalomania in order to survive.

You’re finished Saviour, no one of any worth values anything you have to say. We all know you for the spineless cowardly turncoat and bully that you are. I hope you enjoy the money you earned from the very criminals you’re asking to resign.

Meanwhile, it’s time you admitted Daphne was right all along, and you were wrong. And it’s high time you apologised to her family.

5 Replies to “Saviour finally has to admit Daphne was right”

  1. The man is not worth his salt. He does not seek the truth as the real news comes out but tried to spin for Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri. He should have realized immediately after the 2013 election that Konrad and Kasco who formed companies in offshore jurisdictions with trusts in New Zealand with Egrant had lot to hide and yet he believed their lies as it was worth his while. I think it is high time he retires and shuts up . He has boobed big this time.


    1. it’s more than error. The guy’s bent and on the take. He imagined himself their little media rottweiler, passionately defending them at every turn, and it’s only now as the crowd surges for the castle gates that he’s beginning to change his tune and desert his masters like the little opportunistic, survivalist rat that he is.


  2. From Saviour Balzan, I am still waiting for the truth about the oil scandal, which scandal Saviour worked so vigorously and relentlessly to bring down the Gonzi administration. Now you have your chance, biex tigbor giehekk, speak up with the same vigour about your bedmates in government, but this time please investigate properly and tell us the truth, about the oil scandal and what is happening now. Failing this you are ZERO.


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