Joseph Muscat cannot resign, he must be fired

and investigated

The man who has harboured criminals for three years (or more, if he was complicit from the start) cannot be allowed to simply saunter off at his discretion.

He has steadfastly avoided media scrutiny, he has tacitly supported the harassment of journalists, activists, and NGOs.

He has been complicit in the continued bullying of a grieving family, and his control over state institutions has patently hindered justice.

And most importantly of all: if he’d acted straight away and fired his Chief of Staff and Minister for Tourism, Daphne would still be alive.

Why did he do all of this? Why didn’t he act when he should have?

Did it have anything to do with his fainting two days before Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination, that would have escaped reporting had it not been for The Shift News?

He cannot be allowed to hold on for dear life until all the incriminating evidence has been squirrelled away.

Kick him out. And then investigate him thoroughly.

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