There has to be a reason Muscat is protecting them

First Keith Schembri dropped his libel suit against Simon Schembri in court, arguing that to give comment there would incriminate him in other inquiries – to which most of us responded: well, only criminals can incriminate themselves.

And then yesterday Yorgen Fenech appeared to make a run for it, prompting the powers-that-be to confirm what many journalists already knew: that he is a suspect in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination.

Yorgen Fenech, as you all know, was connected to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri and Minister for Tourism Konrad Mizzi because he was going to pay 5000 euros a DAY from his Dubai account 17 Black into their offshore Panama accounts.

Daphne was revealing this when she was brutally assassinated.

The Prime Minister has stood by these two men for 3 years, in spite of all of this coming to light. He has protected them, swatted questions away about the issue the entire time, and generally treated the Maltese public like idiots. He promised that he would “leave no stone unturned”. And yet…

We’ve had Jacob Borg from the times of Malta repeatedly, and tirelessly, chase Muscat down the street asking him about 17 Black. Muscat has never directly addressed the questions.

The Shift News has outlined the disinformation tactics employed by this government here, in which ALL Labour MPs and MEPs have been complicit.

And so last night 600 people – if Swedish journalist Cami Appelgren’s estimations are correct – took to the streets to demand resignations.

The crowd were incandescent, broiling with fury and betrayal. And as the Minister for Justice and Culture Owen Bonnici emerged with his bovine smiles, he was naturally met with rage.

The protestors blocked his car, slammed on the roof, windows and hood, and called him a “rat”, a “coward”, and chanted “out”- calling for him to resign.

It was revolting but totally expected to see Owen Bonnici shamelessly adopt the persona of a stoic martyr after this:

Here he basically says he will not be “intimidated” by these protestors, reiterates his support for Joseph Muscat, and thanks everyone for their solidarity.

What’s more concerning however is that after Owen signs off his unctuous Facebook post with a kind of salut – “Malta F’Qalbna” (Malta in Our Hearts) – he is flooded with messages of support:

But what’s especially concerning is how government supporters have started to spin this as a “provocation” and called for the Laburisti to “rise up” in response to this:

To foreigners this must be reminiscent of the divide between Gaddafi supporters and rebels, or Syrian rebels and supporters of President Assad. In both cases they often hired third party mercenaries to bolster their ranks, but in Malta they don’t really seem to need that. They’ve got their good all blinked bi-partisan culture to fuel this.

People like Owen Bonnici bank on this. They rely on this partisan division to protect their seat of power. Instead of shouldering responsibility he has deliberately framed this as an attack on his tribe.

But the truth is…

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