It’s time to go Joe

So here it is very simply (let it be known that I really had this all outlined for me by people far more in the know than me):

  1. Konrad Mizzi negotiated a needlessly expensive deal with Azerbaijan to get fuel from them.
  2. He did this in partnership with people like Yorgen Fenech, who was part of the consortium.
  3. Konrad and Keith opened accounts in Panama to accept ridiculous amounts of money. We know this thanks to Daphne Caruana Galizia.
  4. Yorgen Fenech set up an account in Dubai called 17 Black where he was going to pay them that stupid amount of money in the form of 5000 euros each DAILY. We know this thanks to the Daphne Project.
  5. When all of this became apparent, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat insisted on standing by them. He didn’t order resignations, he didn’t fire them. We know this because he told us this, while running away from questions like a little bitch.

    Why not? Could it have anything to do with Egrant?
  6. Instead the Labour party organised and coordinated constant attacks on activists, journalists and politicians seeking the truth. They flooded social media with trolls, they cleared the PROTEST memorial in Valletta daily, they hampered investigations, they attacked rule of law delegations sent from Europe, they demonised individuals, and they turned their little media prostitutes on other journalists.

    Whatever the reasons, all three of them MUST GO.

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