Maltese Courts Are In Trouble

Further to my point about political parties and their media houses, here is One News “reporting” on how the Council of Europe “praised” Malta’s justice system. Screenshot:

They neglect to mention that Ramin Gurbanov (the one doing the praising) is an Azerbaijani representative.

Given Malta’s close working relationship with Azerbaijan (possibly the most corrupt country in the world), and given Azerbaijan was the only country at the Parliamentary Assembly of The Council Of Europe to try to help Malta block a public inquiry into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder, this would seem like important context to his comments would it not?

A journalist, in the real sense, would explore the context of any official commentary like this. But there’s no journalist intuition here, no nose for bullshit, no instinct for the truth here whatsoever.

And how much more ridiculous are his comments when we learn, by virtue of a real news outlet like The Shift News, that Malta’s courts helped Gordon Debono move large sums of money to his wife’s account in Dubai, thereby bypassing US sanctions?

One News is pure, poor, unadulterated state propaganda.

ONE News: looking after Number ONE at the expense of the News.

Meanwhile The Shift News, surviving on public donations alone, has successfully uncovered the Vitals hospital scandal, Cabinet Salaries Increases, Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery and many many others in just two years.

This is what real journalism looks like:

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