ONE News: Kyle Mifsud

Thousands flooded the streets yesterday (excluding the Graffitti lot of course) to protest corruption and demand accountability of their government. But ONE News (those bastions of journalism) decided this was the most newsworthy point of the whole night. If you can’t be arsed opening the link, here’s a screenshot:

When you read/watch anything coming out of the ONE news room you can either laugh pitilessly, or gasp in horror. In this particular case it’s the intrepid ONE journalist Kyle Mifsud reporting. The same Kyle Mifsud who is also a party candidate:

This would be a contradiction in terms in any sane country. But Malta is batshit, so no one blinks an eye right?

How is an alleged journalist also a political candidate?

Here’s Labour’s candidate, delivering his spiel like a squeaky hamster chewing nuts at the camera:

There are only so many conclusions you can logically make about ONE reporters:

  1. They’re thick: They genuinely believe they are journalists and are blissfully ignorant to the fact they are simply peddlers of state propaganda – which implies a room full of tragically thick monkeys at keyboards.
  2. They’re naive: They are well aware that they’re peddling state propaganda but believe, bizarrely, that it’s for the common good to do so.
  3. they haven’t given it much thought at all: in other words, they don’t believe or think anything at all, and are simply doing what mummy and daddy always wanted for them, because they’ve been infantilised all their lives and dutifully do what they’re told to do.
  4. They’re machiavellian: like our Kyle here, they don’t have a moral compass, they don’t give a shit any which way and are simply biding the time before they hope to somehow get a slice of the pie themselves. Mummy and daddy taught them how to weasel/shoulder/elbow their way to the front and that is what they are going to do.

Whichever conclusion you come to, it paints a bleak picture of a not insignificant number of either remarkably stupid or remarkably selfish people who are employed (as others struggle to hold down real work) being used as weapons on their own people, to misinform and mislead.

Of course you could say the same of the NET TV “reporters” – except that it isn’t half as appalling right now because the Nationalist party is not in power and has not overseen the atrocious dismantling of Maltese democracy and assassination of the free press in quite the same manner.

Take a good long hard look at this one, he’s the epitome of ONE News: looking after Number ONE at the expense of the News.

Party media needs to go. It’s the most bizarre set up in a professed democracy in the European Union. It has long been used to maintain the bipartisan (and almost sectarian) divide in Malta and it is toxic.

Opportunistic craven self-servers like Kyle will loathe the loss of this ladder to their dreams of power, but their country will love the balance it will give democracy for their descendants.

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