Moviment Graffitti: would you get over yourselves?

What a moronic, short-sighted, pointlessly contrarian thing for Moviment Graffitti to say and do – to say they will not attend the protest against Keith Schembri and corruption.

After years of pressing for justice and trying to get the present administration to assume responsibility, we’re finally in a position to draw crowds out onto the streets to demand justice and resignations, but Moviment Graffitti is not joining because there may be political parties in the crowd.

The Maltese should be rallying in their thousands, regardless of who is in attendance. The crowds should be so big that you have no idea who is there.

Mind-boggling stupidity. Makes the “moviment” appear less like civic minded “doers” and more like grandstanding posturers and posers throwing a teenage strop. Attention-seekers unhappy to not be hogging the limelight so they’re departing the theatre altogether. Divas disappointed to not have been given the main role, so they’ve quit the show.

What movement does the “moviment” want then?

As one friend put it: Graffitti don’t give support, they only take it.

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