Of course old crooks cannot stand Daphne’s legacy.

You wouldn’t normally pay attention to the muttering, mumbling old drunk in the corner. But when he’s a political appointee for MCAST it merits commentary.

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando obsessively and relentlessly targets an assassinated journalist.

He’s still smarting about the trouncing she gave him publicly for being an opportunistic, craven wee cretin. You can refresh your memory about that here.

And no amount of botox, boozing or bitching seems to assuage his wounded little-man pride.

There’s also something more than a little disconcerting about the fact Jeffrey seems to have three pages dedicated to himself, as well as three profiles, and a Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando “group”.

But it’s sad that this seems to be prevalent among the Maltese male population. The number of older men, who should have grown up by now, who keep throwing tantrums when they’re caught out being creepy corrupt wee shits is incredible.

There’s clearly something in the way we raise men in Malta, to actually be little boys throughout their lives, that we need to address. Something about our patriarchal and archaic social set up that seems to produce men who think the world revolves around them.

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