Laburisti Sal-Mewt: Blind Faith Till Death

Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.” – said Napoleon.

And you can get no better example of this quasi-religious partisan stupidity than in groups like Laburisti Sal Mewt. A collection of people who have huddled together in their little cocoon of fiction and fantasy because they need to congregate in groups at the altar to keep the myth alive. It’s why it’s “till death”, because their sense of being, their entire essence, is wrapped up in this identikit template provided helpfully by the banner men of the Partit Laburista procession.

It’s why the group insists that no one can go against the party “believe and rules” [sic]. It’s the church of Muscat, essentially, and non-believers are apostates.

They’re also keen that nothing should be shared outside of their group. They’re so adamant on this point they repeat the rule twice:

The first rule of Labour is discretion (lol).

Perhaps that’s why the Muscats accompany the Trumps in the group banner. The Laburisti and the Republicans currently share that propensity for strongman worship and faith despite the facts:

Muscat, Michelle, Melania and Trump

And then these eager fools troll social media trying to enjoin everyone to their ignorance, proselytising. They are slaves happy for their chains and they want to chain you up too. It’s like a mass Stockholm syndrome.

Even as Simon Busuttil outlined in parliament precisely how Keith Schembri was part of an organised crime syndicate that was robbing the Maltese people blind, you still had these child-men trolling the social media comments threads as if this were a rivalry between football teams.

It reminds me of a scene in True Detective:

Something desperately needs to be done about the education system in Malta.

But right now, your best response to these imbeciles is not to engage with them on social media (guilty as I am of falling for their nonsense far too often).

No, the best response right now is to be at the protest in Valletta on the 16th of November.

That’s this Saturday. Bring your friends, your family, your children and grand children. Malta can no longer be dominated by crass stupidity and criminality. You need to wrestle it back from this cult and into the free enlightened world.

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