Where is the opposition?

This has to be the most impotent, lifeless, opposition in Maltese history.

We have the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff playing pathetic games in court and the Prime Minister blatantly covering for him.

We still have Konrad Mizzi in cabinet – who was also set to receive 5000 euros daily through an offshore account – because Joseph Muscat is covering for him too.

We’ve had the Egrant debacle, where Joseph Muscat tried to pass off a joke inquiry of his own creation as a conclusion to the Egrant issue. No one with half a brain believes this has resolved anything, and we STILL haven’t seen the full inquiry. Yet it somehow provoked Adrian Delia to call for Simon Busuttil to resign in what has been probably his most vocal outpouring yet (well, since his denunciation of Daphne as a bicca blogger).

There’s the humiliation of Malta on the international stage due to its money-laundering reputation, Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination and the battle for a public inquiry (not to mention the protest memorial removed daily), its Crypto-corruption,

Not a single Labour MP is prepared to break rank, hold their hands up, and say “ok that’s enough of that”.

But likewise Adrian bloody Delia is in no position to oppose anything. As Joseph Muscat keeps helpfully pointing out, Adrian Delia himself dropped libel suits when he was accused of money laundering. I mean it would be farcical if it weren’t so tragic.

The opposition is held to ransom by Adrian Delia’s megalomania and hypocrisy. He’s out of touch with the purpose of his position, and out of his mind if he thinks he’s ever going to rally enough support – out-with the coterie of mental groupies and hangers-on – to adequately take on the criminal syndicate running the government right now. He’s a blip on the landscape, a few feeble tweets and a press release here and there.

So what are we to do?

The only opposition in this country at the moment is the journalists.

  • Caroline Muscat of The Shift News enduring endless threats and libel suits, harassment and dehumanisation in Labour hate groups, in the name of truly independent journalism to provide you – the public – with the truth.
  • Jacob Borg of The Times of Malta chasing Joseph Muscat/Keith Schembri/ Konrad Mizzi down the street at the risk of getting thumped by one of their thuggish entourage.
  • Manuel Delia keeping regular, unflinching commentary on the appalling state of the nation at the moment.
  • Claire Caruana of The Times of Malta dogging Joseph Muscat and Ian Borg while they both take it in turns to either threaten to never answer her questions again (as if they ever do anyway) or outright gaslight their audience by claiming a hole is not a hole.
  • Ivan Camilleri tirelessly reporting on PA abuses, Army appointments, and so on and having to weather the attacks of government lapdog Saviour Balzan.

If no one’s going to stick Adrian Delia in a straight jacket and send him packing, then it seems the only logical alternative is to turn to a new party like Partit Demokratiku.

Turn to a new party and invest all your support in civil society groups like Republikka and newsrooms like The Shift News that rely entirely on public donations .

Because Malta’s in real trouble people.

One Reply to “Where is the opposition?”

  1. Had the Partit Demokratiku along with it’s candidates stuck along with what they were meant to do in the recent elections and not opted for the more attractively rewarding positions of the European Parliament, I would have been the first to agree with you on this but unfortunately, they chose the more lucrative package rather than concentrating on what should be done here!


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