As The Cracks Develop In The Criminal Cabal The Crooks Emerge To Support Each Other

I saw this post from Matthew Caruana Galizia today:

Here’s the post from Keith Schembri
here is Franco, Yorgen’s brother, showing solidarity with the crooked Chief of Staff

In the midst of the “Keet” farce, as he continues his whinging about how he never really wanted to drop the libel suit, you’ve got Yorgen Fenech’s brother Franco spurting social media sympathy over Facebook for Keith Schembri.

Who is Yorgen Fenech? I’ll refresh your memory:

The promise of the Electrogas power station was a large part of the Labour campaign’s success , which was overseen by then Minister for Energy Konrad Mizzi.

They had to sell Enemalta first, and during the talks on the sale of Enemalta Dr Mizzi went to China 17 times. 12 of those times the trips were unannounced. His reason? He said the complexity of the talks “required that many trips”.

In the midst of this we know Mizzi somehow found the time, along with Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, to open Panama companies. We know this because OPM consultants Nexia BT helped them open those accounts. They also opened a third Panama account called Egrant, but we all pretend like we don’t know who that belongs to.

We also know, through a leaked e-mail authored by Nexia BT, that Mr Schembri and Dr Mizzi planned to receive $2 million in their secret Panama companies through accounts opened in Dubai.

The two accounts in Dubai were 17 Black and Macbridge.

How did we learn about these? Refresh your memory here.

While we still don’t know who owned/owns Macbridge, we do know that 17 Black was owned by prominent business man Yorgen Fenech.

Fenech is part of the TUMAS group that was part of the consortium involved in the building of the new power station.

See how this comes full circle?

  • Konrad Mizzi manages the creation of a new power station.
  • Yorgen Fenech becomes part of the consortium responsible for building this power station.
  • Yorgen Fenech plans to start funnelling money to Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri.

But Daphne scuppered their plans.

The crooks aren’t even trying to hide their pact from the world. As Matthew Caruana Galizia puts it:

“Totally not making it obvious who the members of this criminal organisation are.”

2 Replies to “As The Cracks Develop In The Criminal Cabal The Crooks Emerge To Support Each Other”

  1. And Jurgen Fenech, through his personal company New Energy Supply Ltd set up in May 2014, holds 8.1% of the shares of Gem Holdings which owns 33.3% of the shares in Electrogas. He is also a shareholder in Electrogas through the Tumas Fenech family company Tumas Energy Ltd.
    His company, whicb is audited by Nexia BT,made a profit of Euro 1 million, through management fees, in the first 8 months of its existence.


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