Will Keith be treated as a murder suspect now?

In the time-honoured fashion of every Labour thug and bully, Keith Schembri opened a libel suit against Simon Busuttil in the hopes of beating him into submission in the public forum. In the media. It was a gimmick.

And we know it was a gimmick because after a long two years, “Keet” was given the opportunity to take the stand and declare his innocence to all who would listen – and he didn’t. He had the chance (having steadfastly avoided it for these past two years) to finally give his side of the story, fight his corner for himself – and he wouldn’t.

Because Keet was too scared to take the stand. He wanted to first be allowed to testify in another ongoing inquiry into the same subject matter.  

In other words: he’s a time wasting, slippery, sly, lying crook – just as Daphne had declared to the world half an hour before she was assassinated by car bomb.

Are we going to start investigating Keith Schembri as a potential suspect in the political assassination of Daphne Caruana Galiza?

And on a side note: where do they find these pitiful people who populate the present Labour administration? Is there a factory that produces cookie cut-outs of creeps like Chris Cardona, Keith Schembri, Konrad Mizzi, Joseph Muscat – who all want to pummel the truth into the grave by drowning it in vexatious libel suits and propaganda?

What has the loud mouth Rosianne Cutajar got to say now? Where is Alfred Sant’s drunken drivel in all this? What silence emanates from Josef Caruana’s squalid keyboard? What have Miriam Dalli and Tony Zarb got to say about it all?

The answer: nothing. Your “socialist” party falls silent and toes party line because it’s a criminal clan of crooks, robbing the Maltese people blind at every opportunity. None of them will denounce what is happening because they’re the same kind of people : craven opportunists and vultures.

Not a single one of this tribe has stood up and said “I stand with the Maltese against this rape and pillage of our country and people”. What does that say about this party?

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