Is Alfred Sant’s nephew the newly appointed legal aid lawyer for Vince Muscat?

“Marc Sant was reappointed as legal aid lawyer for the third accused, Vince Muscat, as he had not found a lawyer to represent him after his previous counsel renounced his patronage.”

Malta Independent article here.

Vince Muscat tried to turn state witness didn’t he?

If it is – and I may stand to be corrected – then as always we have an estimate of the kind of person Vince Muscat’s new defence lawyer is from Daphne here and here.

And as always, there’s little to add to Daphne’s assessment of him.

A homophobe peddling the Labour pink-wash. A true insight into how they really think.

But why is a Labour lackey being appointed to defend one of Daphne’s (alleged) murderers who offered to turn state witness?

Is the legal system so partisan, and so flooded with Labour pals, that they cannot find an independent legal aid?

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