Dr Ian Borg’s New Clothes: when you’re in a (pot)hole stop digging.

As former US president Barack Obama put it once, “there is no basis for cooperation without facts. If I tell you this is a podium, and you tell me this is an elephant, we are going to find it very hard to cooperate”.

And yet just today that is precisely what Dr Ian Borg did. He tried to suggest that black was white, that up was down, and that a pothole was not a pothole.

“not a pot hole”

What defines an expert usually is their grounding in the facts of their opinion. You turn to a doctor for health queries, you turn to a lawyer for legal advice, and you turn to the Minister of Transport with road safety concerns.

But Dr Ian Borg cannot recognise a pothole. So what the hell is he Minister for Transport for?

So Times of Malta journalists are attacked by Saviour Balzan and stone-walled by the government. Poor TOM journalist Claire Caruana – who only recently was told by Joseph Muscat that he would no longer answer her questions – is trying to do her job and obtain answers for the people of Malta, and she is being met by naked emperors insistent they’re wearing clothes.

This inability to acknowledge facts and thereby cooperate with others isn’t fooling anyone outside of their most loyal diehard followers in the kazins. And it’s having a terrible terrible effect on Malta’s reputation internationally as we all know. The Shift reported yesterday that, contrary to the government’s inane claims, Malta is getting worse for business.

The Maltese government has made it very very clear it’s not interested in facts – and by extension, it has absolutely no interest in cooperation. It is a closed, insular tribe that seems to be trying to “fake it until it makes it” – except that no one’s buying!

Their performance at the CoE hearing of Pieter Omzigt’s report was so laughable it prompted Sinn Fein Irish Senator Paul Gavan to say “when you’re in a hole Malta, stop digging”.

Their strategy appears to be: bullshit, stall and avoid at all costs – but to what end? I suspect they imagine they’re going to maintain this endless cycle of lies and evasion until they’re liberated from their positions and can pass the buck on to the next poor sod to come after them. But really, the burden of their lies will rest with the Maltese people.

To paraphrase Senator Paul Gavan – when you’re in a (pot) hole Dr Ian Borg, stop digging!

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