They think you’re idiots

In the constant cycle of scandal and lies that emanates from Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s administration it’s easy for us to get overwhelmed and lost. It’s a struggle to keep up. Perhaps that’s a strategy of theirs? I don’t know.

Yet in the perpetual movement of depressing headlines and deceit, one thing has become especially glaringly obvious: they think you’re idiots.

With absolute confidence Joseph Muscat ticks off Times of Malta journalist Claire Caruana for daring to ask him questions.

With unhampered arrogance his Lordship and his office decree whether or not you, the taxpayer (and his employer), is privy to information about Minister Chris Cardona’s state trips.

With full certainty the administration decides you have no right to know what Neville Gafa was doing visiting warlords in Libya.

They’re not even bothering to hide their contempt for you.

Ranier Fsadni’s piece in The Shift News today is brilliant – have a read of it here over your Sunday coffee.

We know that the administration in Malta is populated by a lying criminal body that feels answerable to no one. Hell the entire world has recognised this.

We also know that PN leader Adrian Delia is compromised as opposition leader. His “opposition” amounts to a few limp Press Releases and Tweets. He’s about as effective at holding this government to account as he is holding his family together.

But what about parliament? Is there really NO ONE in that space that is determined to advocate for the people and the future of the island?

As Ranier puts it in his piece “if parliament doesn’t hold hearings on something like this, it’s admitting that it is subservient to Castille”.

And if that’s the case then any semblance of Malta being a democracy has well and truly gone out the window.

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