Balzan the Ballistic Bent Bully

I keep coming back to Shakespeare. To King Lear losing his mind on the blasted heath, being humbled by his own hubris. Of course there isn’t a hope in hell of Salvu ever experiencing anything like humility.

Lets get a few things straight here:

  • Egrant was not fake news. Joseph Muscat organised an inquiry, of which he was the subject. He has seen the inquiry but only released a fraction of it to the public. We haven’t seen the rest. Unless Balzan has read it, then he hasn’t a clue what he’s on about – but we’ve known this for a while. We also know that Mossack Fonseca predicated itself on getting people to put their signatures to documents by the thousands on behalf of their rich secretive clients.
  • The brothel story has not been proven to be fake. On the contrary, everyone’s pretty damn certain Chris Cardona was in Acapulco. He dropped his libel suit against Daphne once it became apparent that his phone records would place him in a threesome with his aide in a brothel while on state business.
  • The meeting in Siggiewi between Chris Cardona and Daphne’s alleged assassins happened. An undercover French journalist spoke to witnesses in a bar who explained they’d seen Chris Cardona drinking with Daphne’s assassins both before and after her assassination.

Salvu Balzan is “saying it as it is” in the same way Trump does. In other words, he’s doing nothing of the sort.

His statuses do betray his frantic defence of his friends and accomplices in the OPM. He’s desperately peddling misinformation, lies and propaganda. Perpetually toeing the government line.

How many angry panicked calls is Saviour receiving from Keith Schembri these days? Or Chris Cardona for that matter?

Or Joseph Muscat?

It also, yet again, betrays his inner struggle. Because Salvu is the one with the inferiority complex. He’s the one battling the creeping understanding that he’s completely compromised and subpar.

And people with that kind of character flaw, who see everyone else as a threat because they’re not really confident in themselves, will instinctively feel like they’re the underdog. And therefore they conclude that anyone critical of them is part of “the elite”.

So you get Balzan perpetuating this bizarre notion that there’s division in society between “English-speaking elite” and everyone else. Robert Musumeci spouts the shame shit: it’s US vs the Holier Than Thou.

This narrative is the Labour party’s bloodline. It’s as old as Mintoff’s “Jekk Mhux Maghna Kontra Taghna”.

The reality though is that this is really about the division between the small men with Napoleon complexes – who compensate for their ugliness, ignorance, lack of talent, and inadequacy, by resorting to criminality, corruption, and cronyism, and banding together with other dinosaurs to sustain their fiction – and civil society.

This isn’t a class issue. This is a small man issue.

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