You are witnessing an old man publicly & loudly losing his mind.

Let’s run through this story together:

  • Saviour “call me at 1 am” Balzan publishes a story on Malta’s answer to the Daily Mail: MaltaToday. He alleges, essentially, that Ivan Camilleri, a respected investigative journalist with The Times of Malta, is a petty thief who was stealing from his local supermarket and had to be stopped by the supermarket’s manager.
  • Ivan Camilleri posts a Facebook status naturally refuting the most absurd allegation yet to come out of the tabloid. He points out that he is seeking legal counsel.
  • The Times of Malta comes out in support of Ivan, and notes that this isn’t the first time Salvu has done this. They recommend that he do something a little more constructive with his time, like speaking truth to power.
  • Salvu doubles down on his ludicrous laughable claim by suing Ivan for libel.

That’s right, Salvu is suing the subject of his tabloid story! Here’s his reasoning:

Note that last line. Mark it well. This is coming from a man who is suing someone for a Facebook post.

And how does suing Ivan Camilleri somehow absolve him of being the Muscat administration lap dog?

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