“I will only answer questions when it suits me”

Someone’s cracking.

Check out the exchange between Muscat and Claire Caruana here.

Since his abysmal performance talking to former BBC journalist John Sweeney, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has steadfastly avoided being asked questions in any situation that isn’t scripted or stage-managed.

With international pressure mounting on the tin pot dictator now, he’s losing his trademark rictus grimace and beginning to show signs of strain and stress.

Here he is losing it with journalist Claire Caruana from The Times of Malta, who irritates his lordship with questions. How dare she.

He warns that if this journalist persists in asking him questions when he’s not fully prepared for them/ cannot control the context, he simply won’t answer any more.

It’s almost as if Muscat has forgotten that he works for the Maltese people and that he owes us explanations. He should be falling over himself to explain his position on everything.

But there’s a recurring theme here – where Muscat’s administration believes it owes explanations to no one. Chris Cardona made taxpayer-funded trips to Monaco? It’s none of your business.

Neville Gafa made trips to meet a Libyan warlord on taxpayer’s money? It’s none of your business.

A journalist was murdered in broad daylight and we want to know whether this could have been prevented by the administration? None of your business.

Want to know who owned the company Egrant that was siphoning off taxpayer money? None of your business.

U ejjacome on. You’re going to ask these questions so early in the morning?” – Prof. Edward Scicluna.

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