What’s eating at you Robert?

UPDATED: it transpires it was the Robert Musumeci spoof account that commented there, and not the actual Robert Musumeci. I was spoofed – my bad!
Still, it says something doesn’t it when you can’t tell the difference between the clown Robert and the “real” Robert doesn’t it?

As Rosianne Cutajar, Minister for Simplification, pays lip service to Mental Health Awareness day, Robert Musumeci takes it as an opportunity for a joke. His obsession with the “holier than thou” is troubling.

(By “Holier than thou” he’s referring to anti-corruption activists, civil society, and campaigners for justice for an assassinated journalist).

His tendency to fixate on something was, with typical intuition, highlighted by Daphne Caruana Galizia here :

It says something about the Party-in-Power’s state of mind when they’re all on the offensive all the time.

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