Oppressors in Malta’s Film Industry

There’s a twisted irony in Jean Pierre Magro’s interview with MaltaToday in September 2019, in which he outlines the need for a story that relates the battle by the oppressed against the oppressor to be portrayed in film.

He says:

“If you were to take the story of Sette Giugno, and transplant it to any other country in Europe… it would work. Because it is the story of an oppressor that is subjugating people; and people rebelling against that oppressor.”

Jean Pierre Magro in a MaltaToday interview by Raphael Vassallo

The irony, according, to Pierre Ellul of Falkun Films, is that Malta’s own government – one so far with a remarkable track record in nepotism, cronyism, theft of public money and misappropriation of public funds, as well as the murder of a journalist – has given unprecedented, unjustifiable, and unmerited financial support to someone with government ties. 500K in funding, to be exact.

Magro was the right hand man for Jason Micallef, V18’s director.

You remember Jason Micallef? He’s the guy who mocked an assassinated journalist’s last words in his St. Patrick’s Day post:

“There are no such previous cases with the Arts Council. They never fund film. They have a scheme for TV funding…this totally undermines the film commission” said Ellul.

So a government funding body, that provides money of the sort apparently never seen in the local industry before, to a former government employee, could reasonably be described as an oppressor of the film industry, picking and choosing who gets financing depending on party loyalties.

“L- Aqwa Zmien” .

I hope to get a little more on this later.

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