We know that refugees in Malta – for that is what they are – are treated like animals.

Reception facilities are apparently stretched to their limits. They’re clearly underfunded, under-resourced and being pushed to breaking point. The Armed Forces of Malta and Maltese society more broadly see these refugees as a drain on the Maltese economy.

This is not the refugees’ fault. This is the result of poor budgeting and government policy.

A socialist government would funnel €5000 a day into better conditions for those fleeing war-torn or economically deprived countries.

€5000 a day would help the growing numbers of poverty stricken Maltese who, like refugees, are often forced to sleep rough and beg.

€5000 a day would go a long way to supporting the growing precariat on the island.

€5000 a day could have been used to bolster Malta’s health system instead of selling it off to private interests in backroom deals.

€5000 a day would keep students from having to attend lessons in pop-up classrooms.

But Malta’s Prime Minister thinks €5000 a day would have been better placed in Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri’s pockets.

As former MEP Ana Gomes said at the Second Anniversary of Daphne’s assassination: this is not a socialist government. Disabuse yourselves of the notion that the current administration is anything more than a Mafia-clan, scrabbling to survive under intense international scrutiny and pressure, pouring thousands of euros into social media marketing campaigns in an attempt to convince you everything is hunky dory.

It’s not.

It’s a wonder the Maltese didn’t join the refugees in rioting. Certainly that’s what’s happening in Lebanon, China, Catalonia, and other places.

They’re all connected by the same issues: corruption, inequality, climate change and freedom of speech.

There’s a trend here, and Malta needs to cop on.

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