In Malta your Prime Minister can protect crooks and criminals as they pocket YOUR money, and you will still call him “kink”.

Your government will create the climate that kills a journalist, and YOU will celebrate them.

YOUR judiciary will actively undermine and obstruct civil society from pursuing the truth on your behalf.

Your police will eat rabbit and close an eye to thieves robbing YOU blind.

YOUR Prime Minister will personally hawk your citizenship to the highest bidding criminals and you will not bat an eyelid.

But when people from war torn, impoverished countries seek refuge on the rock from torture, death and starvation you will seek to deny them.

When those same human beings riot in protest at being housed like animals with rats, cockroaches, insufficient food and clothing, racism, aggression and the threat of being shot in the street, you will cry foul.

When people of a different skin colour to your own rise up to demand their basic human rights, you will call for them to be shot, gassed like jews, or burnt alive.

You will ask for men, women and children to be shot dead.

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