Saviour Balzan

Perhaps Saviour’s delusions of grandeur stem from his mother bestowing him with such a name. The only thing he’s trying to save, though, is his own arse and the Castille gang.

There’s a bitter angry, jealous old man who was once the subject of Daphne’s incisive scrutiny. He has hated her ever since for it.

She revealed him to be on the take from the government, receiving phone calls from the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri at 1am to be told what he should write in the following day’s paper.

That’s the problem you see. This man is the “editor” of a “newspaper” called MaltaToday. He is still on the take from the government. He is still clearly taking his cues from the government.

Take his latest mind-boggling piece about Adrian Delia and his gang descending on the protest memorial to “pay their respects” to someone they never respected in life.

Note from the outset how he frames and words his drivel:

“you have to feel sorry for PN leader Adrian Delia who on Wednesday as he approached the siege memorial – now the unofficial memorial to Daphne Caruana Galizia – had to face the wrath of Helene, Daphne’s sister.”

Lets be clear here – Adrian Delia pities himself enough as it is. He was revealed by Daphne to be in cahoots with Economy Minister Chris Cardona (Acapulco!) owning a property in London that was used as a brothel.

He couldn’t stand being outed like this so he turned his party faithful on her, labelled her a bicca blogger, and sued her for libel.

“Speaking to Delia in English, she directed him elsewhere…”

Balzan gets the point in about Helene speaking English because it helps bolster the US vs THEM narrative that suits him. He neatly side-steps the ethical and moral issue at hand to depict this as a Maltese leader vs some English-speaking, holier-than-thou upstart who does not belong and does not know their place.

With the fact that Helene dared to speak English placed firmly in your mind, and if you’ve somehow managed to read on through this, Balzan continues:

“Muscat was treated far worse than Delia, but never twitched in all those years or made reference to her, neither did he take her to court. He is too shrewd to have given her any importance.”

Treated far worse? Is this really the head of a newspaper suggesting that the real investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was too harsh on his buddy the Prime Minister?

And too shrewd to give her any importance? Balzan’s chip on his shoulder still has him reluctant to acknowledge that Daphne is internationally regarded as the fantastic pen he could never hope to be, and was the most read journalist in Malta in life.

“The fundamental problem here is rather simple. The people who devotedly keep up the tempo, have no patience or tolerance for individuals not devoted to Daphne. And this narrative, that anyone who is critical of Caruana Galizia or was in any way critical of her writings, is somehow part of the wider plot against her, is unfortunate.”

I repeat, Balzan is critical of Daphne because he was outed by her and conversely is jealous of the esteem she enjoyed in life and even more so in death. That’s why Raisa Galea of Isles of the Left was given the opportunity to spout absolute nonsense on Balzan’s paper (she really is a stuck record). They’re desperate to muddy Daphne’s legacy because they cannot stand their own insignificance.

They both ARE part of a wider plot.

“This is not the time to judge Caruana Galizia, or write her full story. That will be done by someone with the right perspective – when the clutter and media frenzy settles down. It will probably not be a Roberto Saviano or a Stephen Gray to write it, but someone who will piece the whole story together with the deep insight of her work’s true character and political affiliations.”

It’s Stephen Grey Salvu, not Gray. Christ, you can’t even bring yourself to spell a surname correctly.
But here you are, once again trying to spin it all as “media frenzy”, to be cleared up in years to come by someone who has deep insight into her work’s “true character and political affiliations”.

How petty and small is this man?

“Her writings about fuel smuggling and to a lesser extent, drug barons, even though lacking in rich detail, opened her up to serious risks. “

He’s still desperately foregrounding the fuel smuggling line that miraculously popped up within days after her assassination. How many more calls has he received recently?

Perhaps Saviour’s delusions of grandeur stem from his mother bestowing him with such a name. The only thing he’s trying to save, though, is his own arse and the Castille gang.

To Adrian Delia : if you want to fight for justice for Daphne, fuck your wreath. Become a real opposition and champion what she revealed with real intention. Or better yet, step down and let a real opposition leader take the helm.

After all, if you want justice for Daphne you should face justice yourself.

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