Isles Of The Left Behind

I stood in the crowd at the second anniversary of Daphne’s assassination and felt heartened at the fact that over 3000 people recognise how important justice is, not simply for Daphne’s grieving family but for the country at large.

There was a palpable anger and hope in the air. People of all ages clamouring for a return to normality.

Of course there are still far too many who are apathetic. And far more who are complicit in trying to malign a murdered journalist’s legacy.

Raisa Galea, of Isles of the Left for example, has thrown her lot in with the toxic Labour lackey Saviour Balzan, writing a stomach-churning piece of pseudo-intellectual waffle in MaltaToday.

The Raisa – Balzan pairing is understandable. No other publication worth its salt would give Raisa the space or time, but in each other they find kindred spirits: they’re both crippled by insecurity and jealousy – they cannot stand the international acclaim Daphne has received, and they abhor the fact that she was possessed of a wit and intuition they could only dream of.

This, after all, is what passes for “wit” in Raisa’s world:

Raisa’s idea of a joke 3 months after Daphne’s brutal murder.

Raisa is also the person, after all, who once said in an interview with Christian Peregin of Lovin Malta that “Muscat is like Putin, he make you feel proud”.

But what is it exactly that Raisa is saying her “piece”?

Well, in essence she is still making the embarrassing assertion that by criticising bad behaviour, poor taste, and amorality Daphne was somehow being “snobby” , “elitist” and “classist”. She still thinks that to call someone a “bogan” or a “hamallu/a” is classist because in her mind a “bogan” or “hamallu/a” immediately connotes working class.

Given that she’s a self-confessed “bajtra liqueur socialist”, it’s perhaps unsurprising that she seems blissfully unaware of the inherent irony in this line of argument. Equating all of these traits with the working classes is a profound and mind-boggling condescension, and it would take only the truly inebriated to believe it.

There used to be a time when you laughed people like Raisa out the pub where they were trying to peddle their convoluted bile after one too many angry drinks. Where they were gently ushered out the room by someone lest they hurt themselves performing their feats of mental acrobatics.

Nowadays, social media gives people like this a platform. And of course, MaltaToday.

I suppose we should let her enjoy it best as she can really – because while history will remember Daphne as the brave investigative journalist of profound intellect and talent cut down by the scared and powerful elite, Raisa’s nonsense will only temporarily be recognised as the ramblings of someone who adores the rich and powerful (think again of her glowing about Putin and Muscat) but will attack those exposing them.

I’m sorry to anyone who may be called working class that Raisa thinks you’re criminals, bogans, hamalli and thugs. They’re not the same thing, but she seems to think they are.

Daphne knew they weren’t too.

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