Death Threats Won’t Deter Cami Appelgren

Today MEP Candidate for Partit Demokratiku, and foremost environment activist Cami Appelgren went to the police station to file a report about death threats she had received in the aftermath of the announcement of her stance on abortion.

Appelgren decided however not to proceed with the said report. This was because the police informed her that they would need the data of her whole mobile to be extracted to their system (this due to them not being able to select in detail what would need to be extracted). Because she is a politically exposed person and an activist who often receives highly sensitive data from sources wishing to be anonymous for obvious reasons, and because she feels that her duty is first and foremost to keep her sources safe at all times, Appelgren decided against pursuing her report.

“In addition I also acknowledge that the data I’ve received from mentioned sources needs protection from ending up in the wrong hands, no matter how small that risk would be. I took the decision that the safety of my sources comes before my own. This will be a decision I have to live with and it was taken after carefully weighing the consequences between the two options and their possible outcomes.”

It’s remarkable isn’t it?

As countries like Germany, France, Ireland, Denmark, Finland and Austria demand more action on climate change in what is now being called “The Green Wave”, Malta shows itself to once again be out of step with Europe. Slightly less “environmental” and slightly more just plain “mental”.

The Green Wave and death threats to environmental activists
The Green Wave

Does this come as a surprise to any one though?

On an island where a leading female journalist was hounded by a political party for 30 years only to be brutally murdered once they came to power, the inclination to bully harass, intimidate or silence someone – particularly a woman – is hardly an aberration.

On the contrary, it has been institutionalised by the Labour party, who actively and openly militate for division and violence through their online hate groups and toxic twitter threads like those of Ethelbert Schembri, Robert Musumeci, and Rosianne Cutajar (to name a few).

It’s the same island that enjoys a long history of silencing women through threats of physical violence.

It’s also the same island that responded to the murder of migrant Lassane Cisse by voting in greater numbers for the neo-Nazi group Imperium Ewropa.

And more recently still MEP Roberta Metsola was also on the receiving end of very public, unabashed death threats .

What makes it all the more remarkable is that it is another example of an island that seems intent on cutting off its own nose to spite its face.

Because :

That’ll teach you wummin’

And because Cami Appelgren can’t be bought (she relies exclusively on donations and no corporate funding) the only viable alternative for someone in Malta to shut her up is to threaten her – or so they think!

Her colleague Timothy Alden had a few words to say about the matter:

“Camilla Appelgren received several death threats because LovinMalta reported her as coming out as pro-life.
This was misreported, because she was reaffirming her pro-prevention position.
In any case, it should obviously not matter what her beliefs are because nothing justifies sending death threats.
The fact that people feel like they are at such liberty to say hateful things in Malta is puzzling and disgusting. We have seen institutionalised hate campaigns driven by Labour Party loyalists in Facebook groups, in which leading Labour officials are members.
While character assassination is a tragic staple of politics, it is remarkable how acceptable it is in Malta. I suppose it arises out of that tribal mentality that an election is a fight for one’s life, since if one’s side loses, it is like losing a war.
The way Cami has been treated should serve as a wakeup call because she spent 7 years cleaning up our mess just out of love and people were ready to burn her at the stake just because they did not agree with her private opinion. It is especially worrying because Camilla pledged never to take any political action towards legalising abortion but for many pro-life activists that was not enough, and they still tried to destroy her. I suspect it had to do with the fact she is foreign as well.”

Read more about Cami Appelgren here.

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