Over 100 Likes! Thank you!

A mere week after launching we’ve already surpassed the 100 mark – THANK YOU to every one joining the journey!

Ya gots me feeling like…

“But what is the journey?”
I hear some of you ask

Glad you asked!

Creative Atom Media - millennials building the future!
But WAIT! There’s more!

We live in a very different world to the one our parents inhabited, a world that is changing almost faster than we can run to keep up!

We have to contend with:

From the US to Hungary, the trenches are being cut along social media channels, aided and abetted by fake news, astroturfing and troll armies

Russian Troll Armies
Russian troll army , taken from The Progressive Cynic

the MEP elections have seen a massive swing to the right (though thankfully there seems to have been a corresponding increase in the left by way of the Greens).

The Rise Of The Far Right
A bunch of Right basturts

Globalisation is an issue, but it’s not migrants and foreigners destroying communities and countries, it’s transnational corporations like Apple, Air BnB, and Uber (to name a few) who descend like parasites on countries, decimating local businesses and draining the country of resources while giving very little back. More on that here.

big social media platforms show a complete disregard for privacy and mine our information, helping to affect elections and by extension democracy as we know it.

Mark Zuckerberg
The Anti-Social Network

We are on a hamster, in a race going no where. read more on that here.

Millennial Burnout
Burning out…

And plenty plenty more…


Thinking man
Tell me something I don’t know…

I am on a mission to re-connect, reconvene, re-member by speaking to people who want to create a new and better world.

  • The activists,
  • the politicians,
  • the artists,
  • the entrepreneurs,
  • the labourers…
    … All walks of life.

Because we’re all well aware of how an atom can destroy…

…but atoms are also the building blocks of life.

It’s time to BUILD.

If this is something that interests you please feel free to Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and join in the discussion.

And if you want to collaborate or contact me for any reason, you can reach out here.

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