ED DINGLI: A Lifestory.

Artist, Designer, Activist - I sit down to chat to Ed about his par in Useless.london, Malta, Art, activism and the future (among many other things). Featured image by Serafima Serafimova.

Over 100 Likes! Thank you!


A mere week after launching we've already surpassed the 100 mark - THANK YOU to every one joining the journey! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEckkY2ogGs Ya gots me feeling like... "But what is the journey?" I hear some of you ask Glad you asked! But WAIT! There's more! We live in a very different world to the one our …

Joe Loughnane Is Here To Pick A Fight

As pointed out by the Independent.ie , 101 candidates running in the local elections are aged between 18-30 years-old. I want to get a flavour of how my generation is getting involved. Most of Galway’s inhabitants are united by several underlying core issues that are blighting the community. The HOUSING CRISIS dominates headlines with figures for February showing that …